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Taking care of your health always includes your brain. Past injuries may be causes of current problems. Keep yourself up-to-date with your health to know exactly where you are at before it's too late. 

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Even something as simple as a headache or common fogginess of your mind could be a signal to get your health checked out; past injuries can lead to more problems down the line that could be taken care of and avoided.

Why You Should Always Wear Your Seat Belt


There are many reasons why it is a good idea to wear a seat belt regardless of whether you are a passenger or driver. Apart from the fact that it helps you avoid stiff penalties (you are required by law to wear a seat belt), there are many other reasons to wear a seat belt. Seat belts save thousands of lives every year in the US alone. This shows just how important wearing a safety belt is.


Reasons to Wear a Seat Belt

Saves Lives

Wearing a seat belt saves lives as it reduces the risks of dying when a person is involved in an automobile accident. This is because of the fact that it will keep a person or people involved in an automobile accident inside a vehicle. It is 4 times more likely for a person thrown outside a vehicle to die than a person who remains inside the vehicle they are traveling in.


Reduces Injuries in Automobile Accidents

A person who wears a seat belt during an automobile accident will feel the impact in areas of the body that are best equipped to absorb it such as the shoulder bones and hip. The seat belt will prevent the person from hitting another passenger or the dashboard. In addition, it will prevent a person from being thrown from the car during an automobile accident.


Spreads Out the Force of a Collision

In case of an accident, a lap and shoulder belt will ensure that the force of a collision is spared over a wide area of the body hence reducing the risk of serious injuries. Apart from spreading out the force of a collision, a shoulder strap will keep a person’s upper body and head away from the steering, dashboard and other interior parts of a vehicle that a person may hit during an automobile accident or when you hit the brakes all of a sudden.


Slows Down the Body

Injuries can be caused by an abrupt change in speed. Wearing a seat belt increases the time it takes for you to slow down during an automobile accident. If you don’t wear a seat belt, you may hit the side window or the dashboard.


Protects the Brain and Spinal Cord

The brain and spinal cord are vulnerable areas of the body that should be protected; the well-known bounce house injury lawyer team says a trauma to a child’s head can cause severe issues in their future, regardless of how serious the situation seems. One of the best ways to protect these two areas is by wearing a seat belt. If a person hits his or her head in a crash, he or she may end up suffering from traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries and spinal injuries can be very serious making it a good idea to wear a seat belt to reduce the risk of these injuries.


There are people who believe that an airbag can be used in place of seat belts. Even though an airbag is a good safety feature, it is designed to enhance the protection of a seat belt and not replace it. Remember that airbags are supplemental restraint system and are the second line of protection after the seat belt.