Common Problems Encountered When Texting & Using Your Phone While Driving

You’ve probably seen commercials or movies, where the driver takes off his/her eyes from the road for a split second, and because of that, someone’s life is in danger. Despite all these warnings and reminders, some drivers just couldn’t take their eyes off of their phones, and sadly, wouldn’t want to get involved in a car accident. Taking a call and taking off your hands from the wheel is dangerous enough – what more if you read a text message or an email? The next time that you hear your phone beep, remember these things that you may encounter when texting and driving.

  1. It’s Illegal

In most states (and countries), texting while driving is illegal. You may get a ticket if you’ve been caught doing so. No matter how long or short your message is, think if it’s worth the citation fine.

Alternatively, you can use hands-free devices that let you pick up the phone wirelessly. Technology has now played a huge role as you can also use speech to text features. Most smartphones now have this – just talk to Siri, or your Google Assistant to send a message, or a quick reply if it’s that important. Otherwise, wait until you park and no longer driving to answer that e-mail.

  1. Increased Insurance Rates

If your insurance company has found out that you have received a citation for texting and driving, they’ll most likely increase your auto insurance premium. In the event of a road accident, your auto insurance premium may significantly increase, especially when the police report has stated that you were texting and driving at the time of the accident. As a matter of fact, some insurance companies fail to cover the damages!

So again, to save you from further heartaches and financial troubles, just don’t text and drive.

  1. People’s Life Are At Risk

Just think of your passengers, the other motorists, the pedestrians who may be involved in the accident because of your negligence. Other people’s lives are at risk. Everyone else’s safety is in your hands. Is a simple okay worth the safety of other people’s lives? Probably not.

It only takes a couple of seconds for you to pull over and park your vehicle. Some people would say they’re in a hurry and can’t pull over for whatever reason it is. Let me ask you this – is it worth it? Would you risk your own life, and others life, just to answer that “important” text message or e-mail message? If it’s that important, take a few seconds off and pull over at the side of the road, answer that text, put away your phone when done, and continue driving.

If you’re not yet used to the speech to text features of your phone, this is the right time to get used to it and to utilize this feature. It’s a wonderful feature that lets you save time, and even spares you from the humiliation you might get from those auto-correct features that we usually get especially when we’re in a rush typing something.

The bottom line: Don’t text and drive – just don’t.